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Medium Loft: 93" wide 80/20 Blend at $12 yd / 100% Cotton Natural Select 120" wide $13 yd

Weighty Loft:  93" wide 100 % Cotton Natural Deluxe at $14 yd

Light but Lofty: 93" wide Wool at $16 yd​​

Once your quilt is complete.

When I am done with your quilt you will receive an email with well lit photos of the quilt and quilting and an invoice link from my Wix website.  I may also send you sneak peeks on Instagram if you approve and privately through messenger.  I always want my quilter to feel they are being kept in the loop with their quilt. Before shipping I will trim the quilt down so it can ship in the smallest size box possible and tuck the extra fabric into the quilt. If you prefer, I don't trim the quilt just leave me a note in the comments section of the form below.

Shipping & Payment

All quilts will be shipped either through USPS or UPS.  Quilts will be shipped back to you once payment is received. I stock 3 sizes in shipping boxes at a cost of $1.45 - $1.75. This cost is added onto the shipping cost. This allows for a lesser shipping cost then the prepaid packaging. I ship using the lowest rate possible depending on where the quilt is being sent. USPS has a $50 standard insurance and every extra $50 is  $2-3.  If you would like the insurance just check the box at the bottom of the form. I will package your quilt to ship back to you safely in a clear bag before placing it in the box. If you have any questions feel free to email me from my contact page


  • Edge-to-Edge, $.0265 per Sq. Inch 

Example:  If your quilt top is 60 by 60, you will multiply 60 x 60 = 3,600 inches x $0.0265= $95.40

Starting June 1st 2023 there will be a thread charge due to distributor increases, $5 for baby, $7 for throw and $9 for bed-king

  • There is a Minimum Charge of $50.00 for any projects.

  • Custom Digital Quilting must be booked off 8 weeks in advance and is only available Feb- Aug. only

  • Semi- Custom, E2E plus a border design $.035-.$040 per sq. Inch

  • Custom- 3+ digital designs $.045-and up.  Final price will be determined by the number of hours the quilting takes.

Binding Service

  • Attaching the Binding $.15 per inch 

  • Machine Finished binding $.20 per inch

Please send binding pre-prepared to attach.  If you send just fabric, there will be an additional charge of $30-$45 depending on the size of the quilt.

Piecing Services


  • I charge $15 per seam to piece backing.  Please send enough yardage if you'd like me to piece your backing.


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