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Please fill in the form below. Feel free to email with any questions at If you are planning to ship your quilt, once you submit your quilting request form, I will contact you and provide a shipping address.

 Quilting Request Form

In Order to load the quilt properly I won't accept backing less then 8" bigger then the quilt top.  For example, if you quilt measures 60" x 70" then your backing must be at least 68" x 78". 

If you are not getting binding service would you like me to trim your quilt a 1/2" from the edge of the quilt top to make it easier to square up.

Adding a note to the box can often get lost or fall out.  Please make sure you only use safety pins to mark the quilt top and backing as this is the most secure way to make sure your quilt gets loaded in the proper direction.  All pins get placed on the extra backing fabric to make sure they get are sent back with the quilt.

( For USPS each additional $50 is an extra $3-$4 on the shipping cost. I always encourage to add the insurance especially on larger or heirloom quilts)

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