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Pattern Corrections

Homebound Quilt

KING size adjustemnts:
Under Cutting Instructions for King 18 FQ's needed.

it should be (Cut from 12 FQ from each, not 9) then cut from the remaining 6 FQs
Background Yardage has been adjusted to 9 yards.

TWIN Size adjustments.  
Cutting instructions page 3 Fabric 1 should start with 10 FQ not 9 and then cut the remaining 2 FQ not 3.
Background Adjustments: Yardage  needed 6 1/2 yards
70 1.5 x WOF, sub-cut to 46 of each for the first cuts instead of 45
Cut 28 2.5 x WOF, sub-cut to 184 instead of 180 and then 92 instead of 90. 

Page 6, Number of Blocks Per size Diagram should read 46 blocks instead of 45

Winter  Flurry Quilt

The bed size addition has new diagrams, cutting and yardage chart, and new color placements and Micheal Miller colors added in.  Use the original pattern directions to make the quilt using these as a guide to pull fabric and make the necessary cuts for a Bed Size version. 
If you purchased the pattern after September 1 2021.
Color 8 should be Color 10 throughout the pattern.
Under Cutting Instructions, Color 10 cut (10) 1.5 x WOF strips, not 5. Yardage is still 1/2 yard.


Ember Quilt

For Fabric A Cut (2) 9" Squares instead of (1) yardage is correct and needs no adjustment.

OH My Heart Quilt

Cutting Instructions Background page 3

Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 5.17.18 PM.png

Heart Block Construction page 4

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